1. Les Collins says:

    Excellent Service and product!

    Jim, thanks for everything!

    Best Regards


  2. caroline says:

    Hi! how much is your rolex stainless steel datejust with jubilee band?

  3. carlos asencio says:

    Busco un rolex de dama

  4. Jackie Bagos says:

    Hi, do yall have layaway?

    1. says:

      Yes! It is 10% down with a payment required every 30 days.

  5. Jonnada Rao says:

    Why isn’t there any pricing?????? It’s kind of irritating to go to 50+ shops online and none of them having pricing besides items

  6. Luan Bruno says:

    I have Houston Oilers women watch maded Lafayette watch co .Bass metal.SWISS MADED..IS IT WORTH ANYTHING? THANK YOU LUAN

  7. Sharonda Maxey says:

    How much is the black submariner

    1. Jewelry Buyers says:

      We have a black submariner for $8,500. Call 713-785-9500 for more info and ask for Cody.

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