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If you are looking for a truly unique jewelry piece that tells a story, browse our wide selection of estate, vintage, and antique jewelry at Houston Jewelry Buyers. While custom jewelry offers you the ability to create your unique piece, estate jewelry provides that same feeling of uniqueness and quality with a little bit of history sprinkled in for effect. The same level of care and attention that we put into each piece we design and handcraft goes into the selection of estate, vintage, and antique jewelry pieces that we acquire.

What Is Estate Jewelry?

Estate jewelry is jewelry that is acquired from pre-owned sources. We acquire our inventory from a wide variety of sources and meticulously assess each piece before purchase to ensure our customers are getting the high-quality pieces that they have come to expect from Houston Jewelry Buyers. While all estate jewelry is pre-owned, there are variations in the types of estate jewelry that we keep in our inventory.

Antique Jewelry

Antique jewelry is pre-owned jewelry that is 100 years or older. Antique jewelry can be enticing to buyers who may be looking for jewelry from a particular era or style, such as Art Deco. While the term antique does not necessarily mean a custom-made piece, most people who purchase antique jewelry do so because the piece holds some history and is different from the modern designs that you see most people wearing. Adding an estate antique jewelry piece to your collection can provide variety to your jewelry, allow you to mix up your wardrobe, and give you a statement piece that will have people asking for the story behind the jewelry.

Vintage Jewelry

The vintage jewelry in our estate inventory is also pre-owned. Vintage jewelry is 20 years old or older. Vintage jewelry is popular because the pieces are generally well-crafted and made to last. Between 20 and 100 years old, vintage pieces sometimes have a slightly more modern feel than antique pieces, while still evoking a feeling of nostalgia through the design styles of the past. Many people prefer to choose a piece that has stood the test of time rather than something new. This is why vintage jewelry, with its charm and history, is a great fit for buyers.

Why Buy Estate Jewelry?

When you purchase a piece of estate jewelry, you are buying a piece of history. Each piece has a story, from the era in which it was made and worn to the owner or owners it has seen through its lifetime. We appreciate the craftsmanship, tradition, and history that goes into each piece of estate jewelry, and we look for truly special pieces to catch the eyes of our clients.

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Our inventory of estate jewelry is constantly changing. We are always on the lookout for unique, high-quality pieces that we know our clients will love. With our 40+ years of experience in the jewelry industry, we have an eye for quality, and we carefully vet each piece before adding it to our inventory. We have a multitude of sources where we purchase our inventory, and each piece is one-of-a-kind. To stay up-to-date on our inventory, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media for updates.

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If you are in the market for a new estate jewelry piece or are simply curious about antique or vintage jewelry, come in and see us. We would love to see you and are ready to answer all of your questions about estate jewelry. Contact us today to talk with our experts about adding an estate jewelry piece to your collection.

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