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At Houston Jewelry Buyers, we always provide our customers with the best price possible for their unwanted diamond jewelry. Our Houston, TX diamond buyers have the expertise needed to evaluate jewelry and deliver a fair but accurate price properly. Our free appraisals allow our customers the opportunity to determine whether they want to part with their property in a risk-free environment. There’s no problem if you decide not to sell – we promise never to push. Our knowledge is our strongest asset – we understand how to evaluate jewelry, the best way to refurbish it, and how to do repairs. All of this expertise helps us make the right appraisal and offer. Read below to learn more about the jewelry process.

What to Do Before Selling Your Diamond Ring 

Houston Jewelry Buyers appraisals are a painstaking process, but that doesn’t mean you will have to wait long to receive an offer. We have the experience required to assess the condition of your jewelry and make a fair offer. You can do some things to help yourself receive the best offer possible—for instance, the cleaner your jewelry, the better. We cannot sell smudged or cloudy diamonds. So, create a solution of warm water and dishwashing soap. Soak the ring or lose diamonds for 20 to 40 minutes. Once that time has elapsed, brush the stone with an extremely soft toothbrush. Then, rinse under warm running water. Doing so will give you a leg up in the process.  

 What We Look for During a Free Appraisal 

The first thing to expect from our appraisal cost the price – nothing! We offer free assessments because we understand many people are not confident that they want to sell their jewelry. Plus, many individuals do not know the actual value of their timepieces, necklaces, rings, or bracelets. We want to make sure our customers have peace of mind and do not feel pressured to sell. Our appraisers look at the following things before offering a price:  

Quality and Carat Weight 

Ultimately, the primary consideration for any diamond is what jewelers refer to as the four Cs: cut grade, clarity, color, and carat weight. A clear and large stone with no defects is worth much more than a smaller diamond. A large diamond ring with faults and a cloudy appearance might fetch less than a smaller one with no flaws.  

Metal Value of the Setting  

Assuming you are not selling a loose diamond, then the metal setting plays a role in the diamond’s value. For example, we determine the quality of the gold, platinum, or palladium ring itself, combined with the diamond’s quality, to come to an evaluation. 

Markup, Labor, and Brand  

Brand name matters. However, this portion of the evaluation is often less important because it is more subjective. After all, one jeweler may prefer a diamond manufacturer over another, while another has the opposite preference. As a result, brand name, labor, and markup do not carry the same weight as the other factors. 

Why You Should Trust Us for Diamond Purchases 

Trust us; it is always better to sell your diamonds to a licensed and certified jeweler over a pawnshop. There are pawnshops all over Houston, and they all buy diamonds. Still, there are considerable downsides to using them to make quick cash off unwanted jewelry. We can’t emphasize enough how much our experience, expertise, and straightforwardness matter:  

Pawnshops Don’t Know What They’re Doing 

They buy everything from knives to televisions. And while they might know their weaponry and flat-screen TVs, jewelry is a different beast altogether. Assessing the quality of a jewel is a specialized talent, and the average pawnshop appraiser does not possess that ability. 

They Aren’t as Honest  

We created a non-pushy, no-pressure environment. In many cases, pawnshops will employ less-than-honest techniques to get you to sell. We don’t do that. We appraise your jewelry and provide an honest quote. From there, it is up to you whether to sell or not. We can provide expert advice if you ask, but we won’t try to budge you into a sale. 

 Don’t Hesitate to Visit Us for a Free Appraisal 

Houston Jewelry Buyers wants to help customers create space in the jewelry box by buying diamonds they no longer have a use for. We buy loose diamonds and GIA, EGL, and IGI-certified diamonds. Because we can repair diamonds, we can purchase broken cuts. And our knowledge allows us to evaluate antique and unique cuts accurately. Don’t hesitate to contact us today or to visit us for a free appraisal.

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