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Houston Jewelry Buyers is a trustworthy jewelry store located in the Galleria area of Houston, TX. We buy fine jewelry, a godsend for customers who have beautiful pieces cluttering their vanity drawers and jewel boxes. You can bring your items to us, where we will appraise them and give our customers top dollar. Since 1967, we have established a name for ourselves, and we look forward to buying your treasured necklaces, timepieces, and pendants. We offer free online appraisals, enabling our patrons to find out how much their valuables are worth from the comfort of their homes.  

Why Choose Us for Antique Jewelry Sales? 

We are proud to have a thorough understanding of fine jewelry, a knowledge base stretching across eras and design styles. Through it all, we apply our expertise toward fair, honest, and top-dollar appraisals. Our goal is to help you rid yourself of unworn and unwanted jewelry fast and for cash. We can appraise antique jewelry and Victorian-era pieces alike. Our team understands the Edwardian-style design. Engagement rings, bracelets, rings, pendants, charm bracelets, and earrings all adorn our shelves. Most importantly, the previous owners of these timeless pieces received the best appraisal possible.  

Why Choose Us for Antique Jewelry Sales? 

Antique Jewelry Buyer in Houston, TX

Many people obtain antique jewelry through an inheritance. The problem is, that antique pieces are, by definition, not modern. Most people will never wear them, and they weigh whether they should sell them. We want to make that decision easier by appraising them and purchasing the jewelry from you directly. Our licensed and bonded jewelers can identify the jewel dates’ era and make a fair offer. We also specialize in the identification of rare and unique vintage jewelry pieces. Because we believe there is a necklace, charm, or bracelet for everyone, we always see value in what crosses our path.  

Where to Sell Jewelry 

For most people, selling any item for quick cash means heading to the nearest pawn shop. We cannot emphasize enough the mistake working with a pawn shop can be. Across the country, pawnshops purchase jewelry at below-market value, and in the process, rip off unsuspecting patrons. We don’t do that. At Houston Jewelry Buyers, we help our clients find a new home for unworn pieces. By selling to a jeweler, you gain the following benefits:  

Better Expertise  

Pawn shops employ appraisers, but they do not specialize in jewelry. As a result, they might miss something during the appraisal process. For instance, a pawn shop employee may casually pay for a rare antique without realizing its value. Our specialists recognize when a piece is valuable. That is one reason why we provide top-shelf purchase values.  

Honest Service 

Don’t make the mistake of choosing the convenience of a pawnshop over the honesty of Houston Jewelry Buyers. Pawnshops desire quick turnaround and maximum profits. They quickly value property and sell it at markups, all without putting the care the process deserves. At our shop, we employ appraisers who love what they do. And the result is a better customer experience.  

We Work with You  

Unlike selling clothing or a used car, selling jewelry is an unusual experience. Because it is so style-driven, it is easy for pawn shops to take advantage of the understandable lack of knowledge many have about their jewelry. We combine experience with honesty – and it shows in our appraisals. We explain why we are appraising your jewelry where we are. 

We Care  

In our store, you’ll find nothing but jewelry and watches. That matters. Our passion is our line of work, and nothing pleases us more than to acquire the things we are passionate about at our jewelry. We respect our work too much to undervalue what we sell. But the average pawnshop is a great place to score a cheap TV or an assorted item, but not something filled with as many memories as a piece of jewelry. 

How Does the Selling Process Work? 

We pride ourselves on creating a no-hassle experience for those who wish to sell us their jewelry. The first step is to obtain an appraisal, either online or in person, at our store. If you choose to visit us, one of our highly trained specialists will sit down with you and talk about your piece. We’re friendly and enthusiastic about jewelry, and that enthusiasm helps to create a no-pressure situation. Our appraisal process is free. During this step, we check the piece’s condition and determine when it was produced, plus any other identifying features that can impact the sale price. Once we have appraised the item, we give you a quote. It’s no problem if you decide not to sell the item. Here’s a pro tip: Jewelry sells for the most when it is presentable when it reaches our eyes. We strongly recommend cleaning your jewels before bringing them to us. Doing so will help fetch the top dollar. 

We Offer Free Appraisals on All Jewelry 

In addition to purchasing jewelry, we also sell them. Our antique, vintage, and diamond selection is tops in the area. Also, we have an extensive collection of timepieces – including Rolexes. And because we value the relationships we build with our customers; we offer jewelry, watches and clock repair. We hope to make lifelong friendships with our customers through our approach. Contact us today for more information. 

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