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Understanding Value Before Selling Estate Jewelry

Making the decision to sell estate jewelry can be emotional, complicated, and very personal. At Houston Jewelry Buyers, our team of friendly, knowledgeable experts aims to make the process as stress-free and easy as possible. We have spent over 50 years building a reputation as the best place to sell estate jewelry in Houston, TX, and we’re committed to providing a detailed, transparent, and trustworthy process. Whether you need an appraisal to determine the value of your estate jewelry for taxes, insurance, or estate planning matters or are interested in selling estate jewelry to make some extra money, we’re standing by ready to help. Our free appraisals will allow you to understand the full value of your pieces of estate jewelry to sell.
Sell Estate Jewelry in Houston, TX

Where Is the Best Place to Sell Estate Jewelry?

After you have determined the value of your estate jewelry, you will want to learn more about how to sell estate jewelry and where to sell estate jewelry. The best place to sell estate jewelry is a local business that doesn’t have huge amounts of silver jewelry in stock. It isn’t the best idea to try to sell estate jewelry online unless you are very experienced and have a reputable auction house to use. When you sell estate jewelry on sites like eBay and Craigslist, you’re at risk of being scammed or even having your jewelry stolen from you. A buyer could also insist they never received a piece you sent or could do a chargeback on their credit card. It’s best to find out where to sell estate jewelry in your own city. A small, local company that specializes in selling estate jewelry at a fair price, like our team at Houston Jewelry Buyers, can make sure the process is easy and seamless.

Tips for How to Sell Estate Jewelry

Before selling estate jewelry, you should consider a few factors to make sure you don’t get ripped off, scammed, or have any regrets about letting pieces go. Our team can offer a fair, expert appraisal of your jewelry so you understand its worth. Next, you should:

  • Consider the Condition of the Jewelry – You can manage your expectations and prepare yourself for an appraisal of your jewelry by taking a moment to look over its condition. Estate jewelry that has only been worn a few times, has been meticulously cleaned and cared for over the years, and is in overall good condition will offer a much higher price. Pieces that are refurbished, missing stones or pieces, or are otherwise in disrepair won’t fetch as much.
  • Clean & Polish Each Piece – Cleaning and polishing each piece will make it easier to sell and may get you a better price when selling estate jewelry. Look up cleaning techniques online to make sure you’re using tools and products that are safe.
  • Determine Where to Sell – Deciding where to sell estate jewelry should depend on your convenience, your purpose in selling, how much you trust the buyer, and how much they can offer you. Selling estate jewelry to a small, local jewelry shop will likely get you the best deal because they won’t have a huge amount of overstock or high overhead prices to consider. When you sell estate jewelry online, you’re accepting a high amount of risk unless you go through a reputable auction house that will take a percentage of the sale.

What Estate Collection Items Do We Buy and Sell?

We are the most trusted, reliable jewelry buyer and seller in the area because of our expertise, knowledge, and customer service. We buy a wide range of different types, styles, and brands of jewelry from vintage to custom to costume. We also buy coins and bars, watches, and engagement rings. We offer top-dollar payouts for estate jewelry and cash offers for watches. We also offer free appraisals so our customers can better understand the value of their items, even if they aren’t quite ready to sell. Come to us today to discuss buying or selling:

Why Choose Houston Jewelry Buyers

At Houston Jewelry Buyers, we have been reputable, knowledgeable jewelry buyers in Houston, TX, since 1967. Our team has decades of experience appraising and valuing jewelry of all types, styles, ages, conditions, and brands. We specialize in buying fine jewelry, silver and gold, diamonds, watches, and engagement rings. We are happy to appraise and consider vintage, custom, and costume jewelry as well as loose diamonds and gemstones. Our free appraisals offer a risk-free method for obtaining the value of your items for estate planning purposes. Our appraisers can give you the professional valuations you need in order to distribute assets, settle estate taxes, or draw up wills and trusts. We are committed to professionalism and customer satisfaction and are happy to offer a bias-free valuation of your estate jewelry.

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Call us or email us today to schedule an appointment for an appraisal of your estate jewelry. We also accept walk-in appointments for selling estate jewelry or requesting appraisals. To get started valuing estate jewelry before selling, just reach out to us online to request a quote for a piece or pieces of estate jewelry you own.

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