Go there, but there, sell there

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First time I heard of these guys a divorcee woman in my office was telling me how she sold all her jewelry given to her by her ex-husband at this place. She said “they gave me a fair deal, you should go shopping there.” I did. I have bought jewelry there now several times. It is my “go-to” spot. This part of the review is for guys. Think about it guys – you know you hate spending money on jewelry for your wife but you know it makes her happy. If your wife is like mine she doesn’t care where it came from or if it is is new. She only wants it to be quality. Well. These guys always have nice inventory to choose from. And the tagged prices are way below jewelry store RIP-OFF prices. Think about it too – this is in the right part of Houston where the rich ladies live. Like my divorcee friend, they have nice jewelry in this part of town. So when you shop here you are getting Houston’s finest for the most part. I’m one of those guys who wants to be “in and out in 10 minutes” when I shop. There’s no bs’ing here. No big sales pitch on you. You go in, you look, you ask to see what you like and they clean it and pack it up for you. I just bought a nice necklace and they put it in a perfect box and gift wrapped it for me. NO WORK on my part. In and out in ten minutes. They know me there now! I don’t generally do reviews but I like this place a lot. It is the jewelry store you want if you are a guy who likes to keep popping bling on your wife. My wife squeals when she gets GOLD and it makes me a hero at home. What the heck. I actually love the woman with my heart and soul so why not! But I refuse to get ripped off in jewelry stores. Hope this helps you guys make a decision.

Joe Jewelry September 30, 2020