I highly recommend this place. Everyone was very …

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I have spent a tremendous amount of time searching for a jeweler that would appraise my jewelries at a reasonable price. I only wanted a verbal appraisal since my objective is to sell my jewelries personally to friends and family so a formal appraisal was not required. Most charges by the hour for verbal appraisal and I find it unreasonable to pay someone a hefty price for minimal work. Until I found Houston Jewelry Buyers. I was charged $0 to appraise several pieces of my jewelries. It was surprising to know that someone still charges free for something that could take time out of their day. Even though I was not a paying customer, they provided me a service like I was a regular high paying customer. I highly recommend this place. Everyone was very accommodating and service was excellent.

Rosana W. Houston , TX February 26, 2016